MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County executives are reminding voters that cross-voting on ballots is not allowed.

With the Aug. 9 primary election ahead, officials said those voting can only vote for candidates in one political party.

There are four recognized political parties: Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Constitution. Vote only for the individual candidates within that party. This choice does not label the voter as a member of that party; it tells the machine which section of the ballot that should be counted.

Milwaukee County officials said if the voter chooses a party in the first section, then any votes within that same party will not be counted. Votes not within that party will be ignored.

The machine will reject a ballot and none of their votes will be counted if the voter does not select a party in the first section and they vote across party lines.

If the elector makes a mistake on their ballot or has a question, they are encouraged to ask an election inspector for help.


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