MILWAUKEE — Vendors at the 3rd St. Market Hall see the potential opportunity of hosting the RNC in Milwaukee as a way to showcase the city and Wisconsin to the world.

Omar Shaikh is the co-owner of the 3rd Street Market and also is the co-owner of Carnevor in downtown Milwaukee.

As a member of the host committee to convince the Republican Party to bring their convention to the city, he said getting the RNC in 2024 is a big win.

“Milwaukee is world class and now we are proving it,” Shakih said. “We won the DNC, which I was involved. Now we won the RNC. It just shows that we are a world-class city and it’s what I believed all along.”

Shaikh feels having the convention in Milwaukee will be a big boost for business.

“We have two years to really plan so we have to gear up, get ready and just show everybody that comes in this city how great it is,” Shaikh said. “I think our hospitality is the difference. It’s the difference why we won this. Our hospitality is the difference why people would want to come here.”

The 3rd Street Market Hall prides itself on highlighting local vendors like Dairyland.

Joe McCormick said he hopes they get the chance to show visitors from the RNC authentic Wisconsin burgers, cheese and custard.

“When you have an opportunity to showcase your home in front of the nation and in front of the world, I think you have to take it and you have to embrace it and just, whether you like that party or not, show off your city, show off your pride, show off your state. This is an amazing opportunity, not just for Milwaukee, but also Wisconsin and all of the local businesses vendors in here,” said McCormick.

Shaikh believes hosting the RNC is only the beginning of attracting more events to the city.

“It will bring a lot more eyes and attention,” Shakih said. “15,000 credentialed cameras coming to our city to showcase our city, the city we all love, we are going to be able to land other massive and large-scale conventions like this, maybe the All Star Game and things of that nature.”