WISCONSIN— For some, the Fourth of July is a favorite holiday— the loud bang of fireworks fills streets and excites families. For others, those same noises can be a source of stress and cause fear or flashbacks. This is especially true for some with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Dr. Rae Anne Ho Fung of Rogers Behavioral Health broke down the reason behind those triggers and ways to either ground yourself or help someone else who may be struggling with the sounds of the holiday.

"First and foremost, people should be respectful of the city ordinances. Those are in place for a reason— to keep people safe," Dr. Ho Fung said. "For most... if they know what to expect, they can already kind of come up with a mental plan. So, shooting off fireworks during the designated time is the most respectful thing to do, and then refraining from shooting off fireworks outside of those windows." 

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