MILWAUKEE — The wait continues for Moderna to file for emergency use authorization of its pediatric COVID-19 vaccine, days after the pharmaceutical company released its Phase 2 and Phase 3 testing data.

“These kids were six months to six years old,” said Dr. Bill Hartman, the principal investigator for UW-Health’s Moderna pediatric COVID-19 vaccine trial. “This was a trial that looked at the efficacy and the safety of the Moderna vaccine in these young kids, the 18 million nationwide who still aren’t eligible for a vaccine.”

In Wisconsin, UW Health took part in that trial.

"UW Health was one of several sites nationwide to help recruit around 2,500 kids between six months and two years, and then another 4,200 kids between the ages of two and six,” Dr. Hartman added. “The testing process is not easy for these kids — they come in, they have to get two shots, 28 days apart, but they also have to be willing to get their blood drawn at other times and get nasal swabs.”

You can watch the entire interview above.