WISCONSIN— If you've scrolled through Twitter or Instagram lately, chances are your newsfeeds are flooded with smiling faces showing off an "I Voted" sticker or even someone literally dropping off their ballot in a ballot box. Want to join in? Before you snap that selfie, you may want to check out your local laws to avoid a fine or even prison time. 

Yes, really. 

Those ballot selfies are actually illegal in some states. 

We get it: You don't want to call up your town's resident lawyer before you send a snap out. Don't worry, we've got everything you need to know, right here. 

Just a reminder, no matter where you live, you can always take a photo sporting your "I Voted" sticker. And, for your own safety, we recommend not posting any personal information, like your address, online. 

In Wisconsin, it's completely fine if you take a photo of yourself voting, or of your unmarked or indistinguishable ballot. You can also take a quick picture outside of your polling location. Although it's important to know that you're not allowed to show your marked ballot to anyone else, which means that's a no-go for marked ballot selfies for Wisconsinites. 

There's technically no law against taking a few photos inside your polling location, but the Badger State would prefer if you didn't. You're not supposed to do anything that causes a distraction. 


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