MILWAUKEE — As the COVID-19 omicron variant continues to spread, setting new case records in Wisconsin and as the CDC continues to update masking guidance for what might be the most effective type of mask, doctors advise that it's not a matter of less is more right now but rather, more is more.

"Masks is one layer of multiple things you should be thinking about," Dr. Dan Shirley, the interim medical director for UW Health Infection Control, told Spectrum News 1 on Monday. "And really the type of mask you need might vary depending on the type of situation you're in."

While many Americans purchased and have used various cloth masks since the start of the pandemic, more recent studies during the spread of the omicron variant show the variant may consist of smaller particles, making medical-style or some form of an N95 mask more effective at blocking its spread.

"Cloth masks by themselves are not the strongest protection," Dr. Shirley added. "They might protect a little bit from you spreading germs but it's unlikely to protect you from other peoples' germs."

You can watch the entire interview above.