FOX POINT, Wis. — There is always something fun about discovering a new passion.

For one man, that means biking for a good cause. 

Jack Jacobson is gearing up to ride 120 miles round trip between Milwaukee and Kohler for Friendship Circle’s “Bike 4 Friendship." Friendship Circle is an organization which helps kids and adults with special needs learn job skills and enjoy social interaction. 

For Jacobson, it has been a unique journey. At 69, he is the oldest participant in the ride. He is also among the newest to the world of cycling. 

“I bought a new bike, was able to ride 10 miles with my sons," he said. "I set a goal of 20 miles, with their help we got to 40, so this year I thought I could do 60 to Kohler and 60 back.”

It was Friendship Circle’s mission that got him inspired to ride. His nephew takes part in Friendship Circle programs and he says he has seen the difference working in the bakery has made for him.

“For him to have that opportunity to be a part of a community is so important,” Jacobson said.

To learn more about Bike 4 Friendship, including how you can get involved and donate, visit their website.