MILWAUKEE – A new report from the Wisconsin State Journal this week shows that since vaccinations against COVID-19 began in Wisconsin several months ago, 605 people who've been vaccinated have subsequently tested positive for the virus.

"The goal of all of these vaccines is to prevent the worst outcomes," Dr. Jim Conway, an infectious disease pediatrician with UW Health, told Spectrum News 1. "The vast majority (of breakthrough cases) have very mild cases or asymptomatic cases."

The 605 cases in Wisconsin represent just 0.03% of fully vaccinated Wisconsinites so far, and while that is technically higher than the .008% seen nationwide for the same factors, Dr. Conway wants to remind anyone hesitant about getting vaccinated that because of the vaccines, those who still contract the virus likely have a far better outcome than unvaccinated people.

"[The] intention all along has been to prevent hospitalizations, severe illness and death," Dr. Conway said, "and to be honest these vaccines are actually overachieving and overperforming. Not only that, but the rate of... breakthrough cases is actually lower than what was seen in the intial studies."

You can see more of our interview with Dr. Conway above.