MILWAUKEE – In the movies, the blockbuster comes to a close just before the credits roll: the Death Star blows up and the Star Wars rebels celebrate; Andy Dufresne and Red reunite on a beach after getting out from behind bars in The Shawshank Redemption; Bogart bids Ingrid Bergman adieu at the end of Casablanca.

So how might the pandemic's story end?

"I don't think the credits are going to be rolling any time soon," said Ted Anthony from Associated Press.

Anthony wrote the piece titled, "Weaned on Hollywood endings, Americans now face a messy one." In it, he chronicles how many Americans are conditioned to how stories are typically presented-- a beginning, a middle and an end-- and now as the United States of America gets closer to a light at the end of the tunnel, more and more Americans are likely starting to wonder-- as characters in the 1999 film The Truman Show did-- "How's It Going to End?"

"We are a nation that is very accustomed to and attuned to, and very much aised on these specific endings that are conditioned for us by Hollywood, by the movies we've seen for four generations now," Anthony said.

“I suppose everyone has made their own version of this `movie’,” Phil Johnston, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director told Anthony in the article. “I could see a series of dissolves over a long period of time. A guy leaves his house. He takes off his mask. He sits at a restaurant. And then it’s passage of time, this long montage and this guy sits and realizes, `Oh, this is life. Life is back to normal.’”

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