MILWAUKEE — Just one day after residents in ten Milwaukee zip codes became eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, free clinics remained busy. 

The City of Milwaukee began vaccinating adults in zip codes identified with having the highest social vulnerability and lowest vaccination rates starting Monday. 

The ZIP codes include:

  • 53204
  • 53205
  • 53206
  • 53209
  • 53215
  • 53216
  • 53218
  • 53223
  • 53224
  • 53233

James and Leatha McAfee were among those who came to the free vaccination clinic Tuesday at North Division High School. James McAfee says getting the vaccine was a relief. Not only because it means having a lower risk of contracting the virus, but also because it did not require pre-registration or internet access.

“I felt pretty relaxed when I heard about it because I was trying to get vaccinated ever since the vaccine came out and didn’t have any success over mechanical devices,” says McAfee.

In an effort to encourage everyone in the community to take advantage of the vaccine clinics, Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley got his shot publicly on Tuesday. He says he hope that having the zip code eligibility program makes a difference in curbing healthcare inequality.

“When you look at the gap we have seen with racial disparities we know that black and brown and people of color have not been getting access to getting as many shots as our white counterparts not just here in Milwaukee County but in this state and across this country,” Crowley said.

For more information about vaccine eligibility as well as clinic times, visit ​