WAUKESHA, Wis.— The mission behind a new learning tool at Carroll University in Waukesha lies within its name: Panopto.  

Translated, it means “all can see.” It’s become a crucial part of successful virtual instruction at the college.

The software allows students to live-stream lectures in real-time, or watch a recorded version on their own time.  

“Being able to look back on lectures where I missed something, or it didn’t "click" for me right away,” said Senior Sara Janz. “I can re-watch the whole lecture if I need to and it makes more sense to me.”

It took the entire summer to install the technology in 150 classrooms within Carroll’s 21-building campus. Boyang Wang is the brain behind facilitating the installation.

“We had already planned to get this going, but the pandemic accelerated this tremendously,” Wang said. “We took our plan for the next three years and condensed it into a solid plan in about three months.”

The technology consists of a camera at the back of the classroom, a microphone hanging over the professor’s computer, and an overhead projector. Professors have been trained on how to operate it and IT is standing by to help if needed.

It’s a tool Sara Janz hopes will stick around post-pandemic.

“I can go back and watch everything I need to be learning practically in real-time,” she said.  “It’s really helpful.

Panopto will likely be a permanent learning feature at Carroll University moving forward.