Megan Carpenter is an east coast native who left the atlantic behind to proudly join the Spectrum News 1 team.  A passionate reporter, Megan never takes the opportunity and responsibility to speak up for those who feel they cannot, for granted. The people Megan meet that welcome her into their lives and share their story despite how painful, inspire her to be the best storyteller that she can be each day. 

Throughout Megan’s career, she’s covered various high-profile stories, including her time following President Trump and Senator Sanders along their campaign trail. With countless stories under her belt, Megan recalls one of her most meaningful to be her coverage of the disturbingly growing trend of child abuse in the state. During this, Megan spent over an hour talking to a survivor on camera about her experiences. Megan describes this as one of the most beautiful illustrations of strength she’s ever encountered. 

When it comes to Megans approach to her work, she defines it as simply working until you’ve done the absolute best of your physical and mental ability and always be sure to make yourself proud. After that, Megan takes a break usually spending time outdoors, either hiking, biking, snowboarding, or one of the many other passions and talents Megan holds.

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