DOUSMAN, Wis. — A Wisconsin woman is raising awareness for a disease that's taken a number of her family members.

It’s been almost six years since Kelly Kobriger lost her mom. A special woman to her, she lost at a young age.

“I was about 11 years old I think when I really started to understand that my mom was sick,” Kobriger says.

Her mom Mary passed away from Huntington’s disease. It’s a neurological brain disorder that can be inherited through other family members. Her grandfather had it and so did her uncle, which means there is a chance Kelly could have it too. 


But she’s made the decision to not be tested and continue to live life to the fullest

“The pros of not getting tested outweighs the cons, no one is guaranteed tomorrow so I just like living not knowing what my fate is going to be,” Kobrig ersays.

After finding out her brother tested positive for the disease while she was in high school, she made it her mission to become an advocate and share her story.

“After all these years I wasn’t ready and it’s just still really hard to talk about… but I know I am doing the right thing,” she says.

Now, she is taking one of the lights in her life, her dog Finley, and using his Instagram platform to help fundraise and bring awareness.




“Instagram, it can do a lot of things,” Kobriger says.”I never thought a social media platform could be so powerful.”

She says she continues to share her story in hopes of touching someone else’s life who may be going through the same struggles.