WISCONSIN— The holidays are known to put people in the giving spirit. But one Wisconsinite finds himself trying to help 365 days a year.

David Nelson, who is an associate professor of family and community medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, spends his days teaching college kids hoping to make a difference in the healthcare field. But when he's not in the classroom. he’s out on the streets helping the ones who need it most through his nonprofit, Street Life Community.

Two days a week, it's boots to the ground for Nelson and about 50 volunteers from his organization.

“You know we literally have to move an army cause our mission serves 500 people a week, 52 weeks a year,” said Nelson.

Nelson's served through Street Life for seven years. During his time, he says he's had to meet everyone where they are, even if they're in the trenches. He says equity and understanding start from something simple: Listening to people's stories.  

“They’re excluded from much of what we know as society. They live in places that are not meant for human habitation. They have to eat the scraps of society, take what they can find for clothing and for shelter," he says. 

This year, as a result of the pandemic, hundreds of lunches have to be separately boxed; clothes are bagged and given from a distance. Still, Nelson’s work continues on, helping neighbors in a community that he now calls family.

If you’re wondering how you can give back and help Nelson in his efforts, you can donate, here.