Michelle London is a native of Roanoke, Virginia.  Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, she headed North to Bristol, Connecticut.  There, she worked behind the scenes for ESPN as a Content Editor for seven years before leaving the sports world and pursuing her passion to tell impactful stories in front of the camera. Michelle got her start on the air in Springfield, Massachusetts where she served as a Correspondent for the “Digital Dashboard” segment at CBS 3 Springfield. Four stations later, Michelle now calls Milwaukee her new home. She currently serves as Weekend Anchor and Reporter for Spectrum News 1, Wisconsin.

Throughout Michelle’s countless stories covered, one of her most memorable was her coverage of a missing 25-year-old women in St. Louis - her story went national and Michelle continued to follow the story for several months until the woman's remains were found. During this time, Michelle created a deep connection with the women’s mother who shared her amidst immense pain - this strength and courage is something Michelle has kept with her throughout her career. As a reporter, Michelle understands the responsibility that comes with sharing others stories. Each day, she gives 100% to her job and ensures she gives a voice to those that don’t always have that opportunity.

When Michelle isn’t in the newsroom, you can find her going for a walk by the lake at veterans park or catching tickets to a Bucks game. Michelle has a deep appreciation for how sincere and kind the communities across Wisconsin have been. In fact, she considers the people of Wisconsin to be the state's best kept secret.


You can see more from Michelle on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a story idea for Michelle, you can reach out to her at Michelle.London@charter.com.