BROOKFIELD, Wis.— A Wisconsin couple is taking to the big stage on "Shark Tank" this week.

An average morning for entrepreneur couple, Matt Mundt and Angie Cupper is spent making coffee and getting ready for their workday. The pair created a unique product based on one of their own needs

“I’ve always been a life-long, troubled sleeper ever since I was a child. Just difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Because of that, I have always been on the lookout for tips and tricks to improve my quality of sleep,” Hug Sleep Co-Founder, Mundt says.

Mundt is an MSOE grad and has a background in engineering and product design. He came up with a new product called the Sleep Pod to help solve his own sleeping issue.

“Sleep Pod is what our customers lovingly refer to as essentially an adult swaddle. You can think of it as this undersized sleeping bag made from this really specialized four-way stretch material. So when you get inside the fabric wants to stretch and then it wants to compress,” Mundt says.

Mundt says the goal is to create a comforting and calming feeling while you are sleeping or watching TV.

But this product didn’t make it to the next level of appearing on "Shark Tank" without some struggle.

“In February of this year like millions of Americans, I lost my job due to COVID. After the initial shock and disappointment I decided to fully dedicate my time and effort to this product,” Mundt says.

He poured hours of hard work and dedication int his start-up company. It just began selling products back in March 2019, which is what led them to the tank, pitching their product to moguls over the summer.

“I think when we were in the tank we experienced every emotion possibly. From shock and horror to anxiety and disbelief and excitement, there have been a lot of emotions throughout the process,” co-founder Cupper says.

After holding the secret in for months, the Sleep Pod couple will get to share all the details after their pitch airs on Friday night on "Shark Tank."