KENOSHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)— In former Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Wisconsin, members of the Kenosha community took the opportunity to speak out.

Jacob Blake’s family met with Biden at the Milwaukee airport earlier in the day speaking about their wants and needs for the black community.



“The first thing out of his mouth was talking about reform of policing but that is just a start that is just a sliver of the cake,” Jacob Blake’s Uncle, Justin Blake said.

During Biden’s time in Kenosha, he held a community discussion at Grace Lutheran Church speaking to activists and other community members.

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“If I get elected President I promise you, there will be a national commission on policing out of the White House where I’ll bring everyone to the table including police chiefs, including civil rights activists, including the NAACP,” Former Vice President Joe Biden said.

Meanwhile outside the church, as Biden met with community members, George Floyd’s close family friends made the trip from Minnesota to stand beside the Blake family this week.

“We are here to show our condolences to show that we are here for them and everything they need. We are here to spread the message to our community to get out and vote,” George Floyd’s Family Friend, Timothy Williams said.

All in all, the message of unity and the need for systematic reform are what is heard in Kenosha to whoever will listen, political platform or not.​