WAUKESHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)- Wisconsin college campuses continue to open back up to in-person learning across the state.

Carroll University has begun to gradually welcome students back over the past week.  

“Being back on campus and seeing our friends in person even if we’re wearing masks and can’t see half their faces,” says Bryce Grady, a junior.  “I’m thrilled to be back on campus.”

Next week, move-in continues.  Freshmen will exclusively move to campus Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Students will notice a long list of changes on campus, from reduced class sizes to various safety protocols.

“I feel like Carroll is taking COVID very seriously,” says Kailee Remez, a senior.  “When I’m on campus, I feel like it’s just a little bubble of a community and I feel really safe here.”

Capacity in the dining halls has been reduced as well, with an emphasis on take-out options and mobile ordering.  Students in dorm rooms with a shared bathroom will not have a roommate.  To make up for overflow, Carroll has secured additional housing.

“We rented a facility on Moreland Avenue right next to our graduate campus,” says President Cindy Gnadinger.  “We’ve rented the entire facility which is now a residence hall for Carroll students only.”

Certain dorms have also been reserved for quarantine purposes.  Every building on campus is equipped with multiple hand-sanitizing options.  Carroll has also invested in additional technology to help students continue their education in quarantine.

“There will be times this year for faculty, staff and students that they may have been exposed and need to go into quarantine even if they’re not ill,” Gnadinger says.  “We don’t want learning to stop, so having learning capture technology where they can stream their classes is going to be very important.”

Provost Mark Blegen says classrooms have been set up to encourage social distancing between students. Also, between students and faculty.  He says the college is in contact with the Waukesha County Health Department to monitor when and if an all virtual start would be needed. 

Students and staff have been asked prior to returning to campus to be tested for COVID.  

“We do have a campus health clinic here, so if students do feel sick they can go and get tested at any time and have results in less than 15 minutes,” Gnadinger says. ​