FOX POINT, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)- A cafe that employs people with special needs has a newly painted mural to showcase its values.

“It’s everything we’re about and by putting this on the wall during a time when we have to be closed, to utilize it and make the space a more welcoming and inviting place is really transformative,” says executive director, Levi Stein.

Friendship Circle Cafe still offers takeout, like most restaurants during the pandemic.  The art space has remained closed.

“It kind of was just not doing anything and we were trying to get creative and think out of the box,” Stein says.

Family friend and artist Mia Greyz painted the mural.  The giant puzzle, showcasing people with special needs helping each other, is something she came up with.

“I come here a lot for the summer and it’s nice to get involved,” she says.  “I’m really into art and we figured this would be a great project for the summer.”

The words diversity, acceptance, inclusion, love, and friendship can be seen written throughout the mural. Jenna Dinapoli got to see her brother, Spencer help paint it. He’s been a participant at Friendship Circle for years.

“It’s hard to find activities where we see the joy that friendship circle brings him, so when you find a winner you find a winner,” Jenna says.

The mural will remain in the art studio.​