MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) - Stressed? Exhausted by the uncertain future tied to the ongoing coronavirus crisis?! Wondering whom to talk to about your emotions right now?!?

Don't worry-- you are not alone.

"We see an increase in insomnia, anxiety, depression," Dr. Kweku Ramel Smith, a psychologist working with the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, told Spectrum News 1 Monday. "What we have to recognize is that our essential workers are going through something very serious right now and they are going to need our support, not only right now but afterwards..."

To mark Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Spectrum News 1 has teamed up with the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division to discuss some of the biggest mental health hurdles during the ongoing pandemic and shine a spotlight on the resources for help that are out there.

Monday, Dr. Smith focused on a number of issues right now, including those tied to communities of color during the crisis.

"Most of the time, mental health is taboo in itself," Dr. Smith said. "There is a hesitancy to go out and get that help, so what communities of color have to do is... look at it from an idiosyncratic approach, and each individual has to go find a person, a therapist that they trust and that they believe are competent and can help guide them through this period of time."

Watch the entire interview with Dr. Smith above and tune into Spectrum News 1 all week long for our continuing series on mental health during the coronavirus crisis (topics listed below).

For anyone struggling with mental health issues or questions, call 2-1-1 or the 24-hour crisis line (414-257-7222) where clinicians can offer mental health support and guidance while connecting callers to more resources that can help.


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