MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) - Some day in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future, first-dates will again take place in person in countless coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

But if you thought the dating scene was on-hold until after social distancing restrictions were lifted, think again.

"We are busier than ever," professional matchmaker Lisa Hutcherson told Spectrum News 1 this week. "During these crazy, unprecedented times, people are truly realizing how important human connection is. We are making sure love continues and that love is not cancelled. We are still setting up our clients on dates, whether they be phone calls or the ever-popular virtual date."

Hutcherson said singles are getting creative in the day and age of the coronavirus crisis, with some of her clients going on virutal wine tastings or virtual museum tours. Want to buy someone dinner? Hutcherson said some singles separately get delivery and have a dinner-date over video chat.

As for virtual date tips?

"First, check your background and make sure everything is tidy and quiet. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately and dress up for your date. Lose the sweatpants-- it's time to look your best. Last but not least, make sure that the conversation is two-way, that it's flowing, that it's not just [a] peppering of questions, and that it's not just all about you."

To that end, Hutcherson said you can peek behind your date for topics to talk about.

"Check out your date's background," Hutcherson said. "What's behind [him or her]? Is there a piece of art or a book or something that sparks conversation? Also, make sure that your conversation is positive, all about the present and all about your plans for the future-- it's not a time to dwell on past relationships."

Hutcherson added that there are perks to this "new normal" in the dating world, including the fact that potential couples-to-be can have meaningful conversations before meeting in person, people are in the comfort of their own homes, and (just out of view of the video camera, of course) people can keep a cheat-sheet with questions or topics to talk about, with no shortage of time to reflect after the date about whether or not there could be a second date down the road.