MILWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) - As more states roll out sweeping antibody tests and studies to determine what percent of the population may already have been exposed to the coronavirus without knowing and could now be immune, more private labs are offering antibody tests to the public.

One of those private lab companies? ARCpoint Labs.

"We have a rapid test that the FDA has provided a preliminary authorization as long as the manufacturers have submitted clinical data into the FDA," ARCPoint President and CEO John Constantine told Spectrum News 1. "[It's] important to know that it's not FDA-approved-- as far as I know, there's not an FDA-approved product on the market yet, but everyone is working towards what's called an "Emergency Use Authorization"-- that's the point the FDA has cleared the product and reviewed the data, and it's gone to that next step toward that approval process."

The FDA continues to review tests now on the market to determine testing success rates while also tracking just how many Americans may have had the virus and suffered no-to-minor symptoms.

"We like to say that our test results are going to give you confidence, but you can't be absolutely sure in those results," Constantine said. "This is continuning to evolve and as the science gets better, we're going to be able to provide things like quantitative values which are going to be able to tell you exactly what this means, but right now it's directionally correct information."

ARCpoint currently has one lab in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Hear more from Constantine above and to learn more about the available antibody tests at an ARCpoint facility, click here.