MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- To walk around the campus of Marquette University on Easter morning is a strange experience.

On a typical Easter Sunday students and people from around the community would be filing into churches on campus to celebrate mass. Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic however, churches sit empty.

Marquette University’s Campus Ministry instead live streamed an Easter Sunday mass for people to see. Fr. Jim Voiss with Marquette University Mission and Ministry says while online streaming is far from an ideal way to connect Catholics and the campus community together, he is trying to focus on the positives. Fr. Voiss says people are able to watch the mass from all around the world and comment from home, something that would not be possible during a traditional mass.

“Some of the platforms allow for the people viewing this remotely  to respond in real time. If they are taking it through the Facebook feed, they will be sending out little hearts at different points during the homily or they may be typing in the responses,” says Fr. Voiss.

At non-denominational churches around Wisconsin such as CrossPoint Church in West Allis and Portview Church in Port Washington, services may look different from the Catholic mass, but the idea of bringing communities together remains a key focus.

“We have been highlighting community in a time when we are isolated.” Says Pastor Mark Larson with Portview Church, “I think part of the reason for that is everybody is missing community. We are just trying to say this is going to come to an end, going to get through this, and we will be back together again.”

Coming together to grow in faith, even amidst challenging times. ​