PEWAUKEE, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)- At Bright Horizons preschool in Pewaukee, students as early as age two and a half are learning the foundations of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

“From when they start in STEM at two and a half to the time K-Prep comes and they're four and five, they've come such a far way and their ideas are so much bigger and better,” says STEM teacher Lindsey Guerino.

Guerino has been with Bright Horizons for six years and is leading the way on a new project.  The egg carton castle.  Students are learning how to build and blueprint a structure.  They then glue the egg cartons together to create it.  All of the egg cartons hav been donated from families in the Pewaukee community.

“Parents always want to see their kids learn and grow and watching other kids learn and grow, you feel this warmth in your heart of 'oh, how can we help,” says Guerino, who is also a mom.

The children have been building the egg carton structure since November and Guerino says she loves seeing them work together at such a young age.

"The way they collaborate with each other and the way they come up with ideas compared to how an adult would think about it is totally different because to them, there's no right or wrong way,” says Guerino.  “It’s just them using their imagination and it blows my mind every time.”

Bright Horizons has locations across Wisconsin.  Four of them are community-based, meaning any family in the community can send their child there.  The other locations are client-based.  For more information about STEM funding on a national level, click here.