WAUKESHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)— Carroll University begins new program where students work with dogs for college credits.School is nearly back in session for students at Carroll University in Waukesha, but this semester there will be four new furry friends making their way around campus.



Carroll Univeristy is using this brand new program that allows students majoring in animal behavior and combining it with dogs in need from the Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha.

This means you will be seeing a new dog in town, well actually on campus at Carroll University. And it's not just one; there are four new furry students who are eager to learn. When treats are involved, of course.

The four pups are from HAWS in Waukesha and will be spending the entire semester alongside these four students to learn together. Kim Holland, is a senior who plans to make a career working with animals.

"It's a lot of figuring out what's best for her and what sacrifices I need to make to help her succeed in the home right now," Senior at Carroll University, Kim Holland said.



Students get college credit to take these dogs into their homes and make them more adoptable. Although the students have one had these pups for a week, they say they can already see some visible changes in their behavior and manners.

"She's coming out of her shell since I got her so it's hard to keep to keep her entertained since I have school work to do but we are managing and figuring it out," Senior at Carroll University, Kristen Stupansky said.


Although plenty of work and rewards are involved, there's always time for some good old fashioned fun in the snow for these dogs to enjoy during their learning process.

Once the semester is over, the four dogs will be up for adoption at HAWS and hopefully showing off their new tricks and manners they have learned alongside these students.