MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS)— Breast Cancer Survivors create works of art on chairs to help raise money for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition.

12 women have been working since June to create beautiful works of art in hopes of raising money for breast cancer legislation, education, and collaboration.

"They were just dull boring chairs and now they are not," Mentor, Kendra Gordon said.

This group of women is bringing chairs to life with each careful stroke of a brush.

"Some of these are just phenomenal and others just the simplest design just makes them awesome as well," Gordon said.

Kendra Gordon has been a mentor for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition's Rare Chair Affair for the past five years. Her job is to help women design and bring character to their chairs while going through their journey of breast cancer.

"I found that a lot of these women go through a journey as they experience this. Some of them have never done any artistic work or have never painted a chair for that," Gordon said.

The process of painting and decorating the chairs allows for a therapeutic release. For survivors like Tina Timm who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past January, it’s a process that’s helped with her healing.

“It surprised me how much of the expression of how much was inside me came out into this chair," Breast Cancer Survivor, Tina Timm said.

Tina Timm chose the story of Alice in Wonderland as her inspiration for her chair. She says she has been able to relate it back to the fight she's going through this year.

"The story of Alice in Wonderland is a lot like the story of being diagnosed with breast cancer. You fall down a rabbit hole, you land in a strange place and you meet all kinds of quirky new people that you've never met and they are all giving you advice and you have to make decisions very quickly," Timm said.

She says she’s found a way to channel her pain, scars, and her entire journey into a chair. She believes it’s allowed her some time to take her mind off of what she is going through.

Another big help for her, is that she knows these chairs will be auctioned off and money will be raised for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition for legislation, education, and collaboration.

"We all push each other and tell each other that you can’t give up just like when you have breast cancer you can’t give up you have to continue on and fight," Gordon said.

Each chair is a representation of the battle these survivors are facing and the strength that lies within.

The chairs will be auctioned off on November 1st at the Wisconsin Country Club. For more information on how you can attend the event click HERE.