EAU CLAIRE (SPECTRUM NEWS)— A family from Eau Claire Wisconsin has gone viral after posting a picture of their three young boys.

It was a grand old time for the Daniels family from Eau Claire when they visited the children's museum in South Dakota.  The three young boys, ages four, three and, 18 months old got a chance to do some fishing at the museum. Their mom, Marika Daniels says the boys love fishing.

"My husband is an avid fisherman and a hunter so the boys defiantly take interest to that," Mom, Marika Daniels said.

Both big brothers Levi and Logan hold a little more fishing experience under their belts than their 18 month old brother, Landon. However, the picture their mom snapped that afternoon will sure give you a smile.

"Landon with the fish in his mouth," Brother, Levi Daniels said.

Sweet little Landon is known as a jokester at heart, even at his young age. However, he didn't know that he would win over the hearts of hundreds of thousands across the U.S. through social media.

"It’s kind of cool just seeing how many likes and shares and laughter and smiles it's brought," Daniels said,

Landon's mom says she originally posted the photo in hopes of being noticed by Ellen DeGeneres' rate my baby segment. However, the post has gone much further.

“I think it's just been really cool that this has just shown a lot of positivity and i think the world needs to see a lot more positive things  and we are just happy to spread so many smiles and laughs," Daniels said.

We got a chance to ask Landon himself, the million dollar question; why did you put the fish in your mouth?

"Because he was being silly," His brother, Logan answered for him.

His brothers say they know one day he will hold a fish just like they do.