RHINELANDER (SPECTRUM NEWS)— Wisconsin woman saves abandoned puppy on her way to work.

Thanks to the actions of one Wisconsin woman, a puppy in Rhinelander is alive and well.We come to find that this story could have turned out much differently if she hadn’t take the time to go out of her way to help an animal in need.

It’s a ride she makes daily, the 40 minute drive from Cranden to Rhinelander.

“Just doing my normal routine, having my coffee, driving down the road," Woman who located the puppy, Tegan Griffith said.

But on Tuesday something on the side of the road suddenly caught Tegan Griffith’s eye.

"I saw this log, I thought it was a log sitting in the ditch, and it started moving," Griffith said.

Griffith says she didn’t think much of an animal in a rural area, so she kept moving… but looked back to see the animal headed for the road.

"I stopped because it kind of started to walk a few feet into the road and I realized it was a very tiny puppy," Griffith said.

Tegan found a sweet little pup that was frail and cold and decided to put him in the car.

"I lured him in with some cheese snacks and I picked him and kind of set him in my car and let him eat the cheese snacks and thought… Well I guess I am commuting with a puppy this morning," Griffith said.

Griffith says she continued to document her experience with Larry-- the name her fiancé gave him--  on social media. She showed how she took him to work, held him in her sweater, and worked to get him in to the Forest County Humane Society.

However, once she got ahold of the humane society… she was in for yet another surprise. 

"They said well you found number four...There were three others ones that were found too," Griffith said.

Turns out Larry, the runt of the pack had three other sisters that were left in the woods and finally the siblings were reunited.

"It was a really great feeling to see them all it was like when you see an old friend, you pick right up where you left off," Griffith said.

Larry is now being treated at the vet with his sister for dehydration and worms but will soon be welcomed into a new home, with the woman who found him.

"I knew I was a goner as soon as he fell asleep in my lap," Griffith said. She continues “he looked up at me and fell asleep kind of like thanks for picking me up,"

Griffith says she has two cats and a dog at home right now and is excited to see how Larry will fit into the mix. She says one of her cats seems a little confused by him. 

"My oldest cat that I've had for ten years was a little hesitant seeing this little puppy drinking from his bowl," Griffith said.

Griffith says Larry is expected to come home on Friday.