MILWAUKEE—A Milwaukee County Transit System driver is recognized for his life saving efforts while on the job.

The Milwaukee County Transit System has yet another heroic driver that jumped into action when someone was in need. The dramatic crash and rescue were all caught on camera.

Shannon Johnson starts every day the same way, by inspecting his bus before he begins his route. However, back in November, the start of his route was something he never expected. Johnson saw two cars collide right before his eyes.

“I could see the SUV flipping in front of me," MCTS Bus Driver, Shannon Johnson said.

Johnson has a bus full of passengers who witnessed the incident as well. However, after seeing the car roll through the intersection, Johnson got up and sprang into action.

"My instinct was to just try to help," Johnson said.

Without hesitation, Johnson runs to the SUV to help the passenger who was trapped inside.

"The only thing I could think of was maybe they were trapped, maybe they were hurt, kids in the car, so I just went to try and help as much as possible," Johnson said.

Johnson says he found a tire iron and tried to smash open the sun roof for the passenger to escape through since the car was on its side.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't break it, so I kind of put it through the door and pulled down on it, while somebody pulled it up. And actually it was the passenger door on top," Johnson said.

He was eventually able to successfully free the passenger. The Passenger only had minor injuries and was able to climb out of the car on his own before paramedics arrived.

"Once he got out of the car he notified me that he was ok, so like I said the paramedics were there so they did all the calming. By then, I had to call dispatch and notify them about what was going on," Johnson said.

Meanwhile, the incident caused a roughly 45 minute delay for passengers on board who were on their way to work. However, Johnson was able to get his route back up and running.

"But the next day, one of my normal riders she told me I did a good job, and said don't worry about me being late, you did a good job helping the person," Johnson said.

For Johnson, things went back to normal the next day as he continued to go about his duties. He says the only people he mentioned the incident to were his kids who thought it was all just a part of his everyday job.