LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- A new coffee shop coming to Lake Geneva isn’t just serving up coffee and espresso, it's helping teach job skills to adults with disabilities. 

Inspiration Ministries, an organization that helps adults with physical and intellectual disabilities, plans to open Inspired Coffee in the spring. The coffee shop, located inside the former Caribou Coffee location downtown, will provide on the job training for about 20 to 30 people. While it is not designed to be long-term employment, the goal is to teach the skills needed to eventually work elsewhere. 

“Where we are different is that it is a twelve month program, we are hoping to take people in to assess their skills, and help them to build on those skills. After a twelve month period of time help them transition into employment in other places,” says Erik Barber with Inspiration Ministries

Inspired Coffee continues to fundraise for the project. They say so far they have been able to exceed initial fundraising goals of more than $300,000. If you are interested in donating, or you know someone who may be interested in working at Inspired Coffee, you can visit their website to learn more.