MADISON (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- A UW researcher has created a special comic book to help kids who are living with disabilities face their challenges head on.  

Inside Wisconsin's Equity and Inclusion Lab, you'll find Dr. Shawn Robinson working on research.  

Dr. Robinson suffers from dyslexia, but he doesn't let it define him.  In fact, he has found a way to embrace his differences and shine a spotlight on the importance of perseverance.

‘It just gives kids and  parents hope that they can be successful,' Dr. Robinson said about his new comic book 'Dr. Dyslexia Dude'.  The comic came out in September and has already sold 3,000 copies.

Dr. Robinson and his wife,Inshira​, co-wrote the comic, based on Dr. Robinson's life story.  Illiterate at 18, the teen was lucky enough to find an incredible school mentor.  Dr. Robert Nash, who diagnosed the student and taught him to read. 

‘Under the layers of anger frustration hurt and pain inside of me..he [Dr. Nash] said I had a gift, a genius and he wanted to tap into it, and he told me it would take a lot of work.’

That work inspired Dr. Robinson to never leave school.  18 years later, he completed his dissertation and from that was able to find the courage to share his story and thank his mentor.  

‘I tell students all the time if you have a weakness that you just need to work a little bit harder,' Dr. Robinson said.

Currently, the UW researcher is trying to sell 10,000 copies in 2019 for a very special reason, to give 20% of his sales to a worthy cause.

‘With the International Dyslexia Association for a scholarship for families, students who are from underserved community to have kids receive tutoring services so we’ve been working really hard to get these 10,000 up.’

The culturally responsive comics are $5 each and Dr. Robinson is now translating them into Turkish, Arabic and Spanish.  

‘They might be dealing with a learning disability too,' he said.

You can learn more about how to buy the comic here.