KENOSHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) - Two men traveling by moped to criss cross America, make a special pit stop in Kenosha. 

Yonathan Belik and Michael Reid risking it all on their moped mission, traveling 9,000 miles across the country to beat the Guiness World Record.  

But the duo say they have hit a few bumps along the way, especially this weekend's rain.

"It’s not easy riding in this rain, we’re  completely drenched and shivering," Belik said.  "But knowing that people are here to see us and to speak to us and to hear the stories that we are carrying that’s worth it, we have towels,"  he added.

Towels and time on this unique 84 day trek.

"And just take time to really immerse ourselves in where we are and what really matters here," Reid said.

So the two with their organization, Project Create 48, design creative storytelling video segments in the cities they see, all as they moped around.

"These two small vehicles we carry with us, they serve as a passport if you will through the physical and psychological borders of this country," Belik said.

Both riders are staying at Kenosha's Wyndham Hotel this weekend and would love you to stop by and share your story.

You  can learn more about their adventure, here: