GREEN BAY,  Wis. — Mark Meyer has a finger on the pulse of fan sentiment when it comes to Aaron Rodgers.

He not only talks to customers about it, but he sees it with the sales of sports cards.

What You Need To Know

  • Aaron Rodgers cards are still selling

  • Jordan Love sales are also picking up

  • Where Aaron Rodgers will be next year still isn’t known

“His autographs have been selling lately; his regular cards have sold down a little bit with people buying a few higher end cards,” said Meyer, who owns Green Bay City Cards. “They’re shifting more towards Jordan Love now.”

(Spectrum News 1/Nathan Phelps)

Like others, Meyer is awaiting some sort of official decision about where Rodgers may end up next season.

It could be with the Green Bay Packers. Or the New York Jets. Or retirement. Or... somewhere else.

“Talking to customers, most people like Rodgers but they want to see him move on and start over now with Jordan Love and see what he can do,” Meyer said.

The Rodgers saga even seeps into the world of Pokemon.

Those are the cards Aaron Fanata of Suamico was looking at with his family — just a few feet from Rodgers and other sports cards.

“I think Aaron Rodgers’ legacy in Green Bay is one of being able to do a lot with the tools around him and really keeping us at a very high competitive level," he said. “Obviously, there’s always that let down that there’s only one Super Bowl. I think his legacy here is always one of high-quality play and someone who really does his best to build those around him.”

Meyer has seen this before.

(Spectrum News 1/Nathan Phelps)

“I remember the Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers transition so this isn’t anything new or frustrating. It’s good talking points for everybody when it happens,” Fanta said. “Until anything happens, it’s the NFL and you’re always waiting until what actually happens before you can speculate and see what moves and opportunities it creates for a new team.”

For Fanata, and people like Robin Nelson of Orfordville, life will go on regardless of what the quarterback decides.

“I still support the Packers. I’m Packers all the way,” said Nelson as she waited for a Lambeau Field Tour. “Whether he stays or whether he goes, I’m with the Packers.”

Meyer said Rodgers is one of the top selling cards in his store, and will likely continue as such.

“I think he’ll still be a popular card,” Meyer said.