The New York Jets were given permission by the Packers to talk with Aaron Rodgers. A Jets contingent, including their owner Woody Johnson, reportedly flew to California Tuesday to meet with Rodgers in person.

It’s another step to see if Rodgers and the two teams think they can work a trade out. I talked with longtime Packers writer Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to get his perspective on the Rodgers developments.

Dennis: What do you make of Aaron Rodgers meeting with the Jets?

Pete: I think it’s a huge step. It means he’s open to a trade, might even want one. I think this is a huge step. It sure looks like this thing is going to get resolved, sometime in the next couple days, maybe. To me, it points to a strong signal that he will not be with the Packers next season.

Dennis: This is a question I would not have asked in previous years. Do the Packers want him back?

Pete:  A lot of mixed signals, from the reports you read, from people that I’ve talked to over there. If I’m them, when the season ended I thought that the Packers needed to trade Aaron Rodgers. If they like Love at all, they should trade Aaron Rodgers. The last two months, as I thought about it more, with the cap ramifications and everything, it’s just I don’t see how they don’t trade him. So, I don’t see why they would want to run this back again. I guess they might think that they could have a good team, and they’re more like the team that finished the season, if you had a little couple pieces, that that they can really challenge.  But, if I’m them, I’m thinking it’s time to change. Time to find out if Love can play and find out what you can get for Rodgers.

Dennis:  If you were to bet on it, Jordan Love will be the starting quarterback for the Packers in 2023?

Pete:  Yeah, I think Jordan Love will be that. If I had to bet on it. I don’t know what’s going to turn out, but yeah I would bet on Love being the quarterback.