MILWAUKEE — Touting the $1 trillion dollar infrastructure package signed into law by President Joe Biden earlier this month, Democrats in Wisconsin and across the country continue to promote the boost to jobs, roads and bridges which they promise is coming.

"This is a big deal, it's a really big deal and particularly for the people of Wisconsin," Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison told Spectrum News 1. "In this legislation, $5.2 billion will go toward rebuilding roads and bridges in Wisconsin, almost $1 billion for clean drinking water, $592 million for public transit and one aspect of this bill which I believe is really, really important— the money for broadband..."

While Biden and Democrats in Congress were able to get some support from across the aisle, most Republicans on Capitol Hill voted against the package, including all elected members of Congress from Wisconsin.

"Amid a rampant spending spree, a broken supply chain, and spiking inflation, Joe Biden continues to ignore those paying for his never-ending socialist wish list," Rachel Reisner, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, told Spectrum News 1 in a statement Tuesday. "The Biden agenda sends Wisconsinites hard-earned tax dollars to the pockets of liberal political allies.”

You can watch the entire interview with Harrison above.