MADISON, Wis.— A Middleton teen soon will join the Milwaukee Junior Fire Institute after overcoming a brief brush with the law. 

Luckily last year, Middleton's school resource officer Kenneth Chung, who happens to be a top Ju-Jitsu professional at Madison's Gracy Barra, realized Jeremiah Huff needed mentorship. The duo struck up a strong friendship based around the martial arts medium.

"I have everlasting gratitude towards Kenneth, without him, this opportunity wouldn't be possible," Huff said.

Last September, Huff was sent to restorative court, after a fight on school grounds broke out. 

"He made certain decisions under those circumstances and that's how we met, but I knew it didn't define him, that incident didn't define him," Chung said.

He believes that whole-heartedly, because of his once-troubled past as a teen.

"The end of my sophomore year, l was expelled. And I was also charged in the juvenile system. So, you know martial arts is a way for me to focus and not make bad decisions," Chung said.

Chung realized Huff, already an avid wrestler, might benefit from Ju-Jitsu training. That's an understatement for Huff who now loves martial arts and hopes one day to become a black belt.

"He is here every day and puts 120 percent into the martial art," Chung said about Huff. 

In fact, the center creating a unique training session to prepare his body physically for his goal of pursuing a firefighter and paramedic career.

Meanwhile, Chung is elated the teen wants to join such a noble profession.

"It's important that people like Jeremiah enter the first responder community, more people, more first responders of color, that have Jeremiah's experience getting into challenges and a little, you know, a little bit of trouble," Chung said. "That builds character and that's the kind of character in life experience and knowledge that you need to be a good police officer, to be a good first responder."

Huff agrees and can't wait to serve the community like his mentor.

"Both working for you know the people, definitely a nice feeling," Huff said.

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