WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- The 2020-21 school year is shaping up to be completely different than ever before. Your family's school year may look completely different depending on where you live and how old your kids are.

We rounded up what you need to know for fall if you live in Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Racine, Green Bay, Appleton, Waukesha, Eau Claire, Janesville or Sheboygan. 

1. Milwaukee

Milwaukee Public Schools' reopening plan includes three phases. The school year will start with virtual learning for all students. Should COVID-19 numbers decrease in the area, the schools will enter phase two, which is a hybrid approach. Students will go to school in person two days a week and learn from home three days a week. When it is safe to return to school, MPS will enter phase three and all schooling will take place in person. 

MPS students on the early start calendar go back to school Aug. 17 and all other students return to class Sept. 1. 

For more information on MPS' back to school plan, click here

2. Madison

Students who attend Madison Public Schools will have an all-virtual start to their school year. Madison Metropolitan School District says remote schooling will last through at least the first quarter, which ends on Oct. 30. Their plans are continuing to develop alongside the pandemic. 

Madison students begin their school year on Sept. 8. 

For more information on Madison Metropolitan School District's reopening plan, click here

3. Kenosha

The Kenosha Unified School District finalized their updated back to school plans, offering students and families more choices on how the fall will look. Parents will receive a survey this week where they will be asked to decide if their student will attend school completely virtually, or if they'll attend classes in person. Should students take classes on school grounds, new safety measures will be put in place in an effort to keep kids and teachers healthy. 

All fall sports have been held.

KUSD says if there is a surge in coronavirus cases, these plans are subject to change. 

School starts on Sept. 14 for all schools except Frank and Wilson. Students who attend Frank and Wilson will continue remote learning until Sept. 14. 

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4. Racine

Racine Unified School District says Racine is still seeing an increase of COVID-19 cases, and therefore will utilize remote learning exclusively for at least the first quarter which runs until Nov. 6. 

Plans for the second quarter will be available by Oct. 19 at the latest. The first day of school is Sept. 1.

For more information from the district, click here

5. Green Bay

The Green Bay Area Public School District's Board of Education recently voted for the 2020-21 academic year to start via an off-site learning model. This means all students in the district will attend classes online for the foreseeable future. Should the board decide to switch to a blended learning model, students will still have the choice to continue school remotely. 

Students in Green Bay start school on Sept. 1. 

To learn more about the district's plans, click here

6. Appleton

Appleton Area School District decided on Wednesday that all classes for all grades will be virtual at the start of the school year. This is a change from the previous plan to offer hybrid and in-person classes, dependent on the age of the child. 

The district will analyze data weekly, and once there is consistent trend of improvement over a three-week period, they will reevaluate plans.

Classes start on Sept. 1. 

For more details on what this fall could look like for your child, click here

7. Waukesha

School board members voted to reject the proposed phase-in plan. However, in a 5-4 vote, they passed another recommendation of trying a hybrid model with high school and middle schoolers only. The model would split students up by the alphabet, with two days in-person learning, two days virtual learning, and one day of all students participating in virtual learning.

District leaders say the hybrid model would allow for social distancing at a greater level. They plan to send out registration information to all parents this week.

Students head back to class on Sept. 1. 

For more information on reopening plans in Waukesha, click here

8. Eau Claire

Schools in the Eau Claire Area School District will enter a seven-phase reopening process. Phases A-E utilize hybrid models. During phase F, schools will gradually transition to be completely in-person. Schools in Eau Claire are also offering 100 percent virtual learning options. 

The board approved a mask requirment on Aug. 3. The first day of school is Sept. 1. 

For additional information from Eau Claire Area School District on their plans for the year, click here

9. Janesville

While the School District of Janesville says their back to school plans are subject to change as the pandemic unfolds, as of right now all students are able to return to school in person on Sept. 1 for the first day of classes. 

Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade have an option to take all of their courses online. Students in sixth through 12th grade can opt to learn via a hybrid model where they would have a mix of virtual and face to face learning. 

For more information on what this school year will look like for students in Janesville, click here

10. Sheboygan

Four-year-old-kindergarten through 12th grade will all learn via a hybrid model this fall. Kindergarten through 12th grade class sizes will be limited to 18 studnts or fewer. 

Middle and high school students attend class online three days per week and in person two days per week. 

Elementary students' school days will be shortened but they will attend school in person five days a week. 

Four-year-old-kindergarten and charter school plans vary by school. 

All students can choose to learn online this year. The first day of school for Sheboygan students is Sept. 1 and Sept. 2 depending on grade and school location. 

For the most up to date information from Sheboygan Area School District, click here