MADISON, Wis (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- As part of a continuing weekly series, Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin is shining the spotlight on area-companies now hiring.

Despite the pandemic, Exact Sciences, the fastest-growing company in Dane County, still hopes to recruit top talent at their medical diagnostics hub.

"We have been able to continue to grow our team during this time as we have now expanded the cancer testing that we're doing, and are starting to make an impact on fighting the pandemic with COVID-19 testing as well," Sarah Condella, senior vice president of human resources, says. 

The biotech leader wants all kinds of candidates.

'It is fun to tell people that Exact Sciences is not only looking for scientists but that you can contribute in many ways and have many different kinds of backgrounds and experiences, to be able to add value at our company," she says.

The maker of Cologuard, an at-home colon cancer screening kit, and tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests each week, is now hiring from all backgrounds and experience levels.

"From administration to roles in marketing and in business roles, in addition to our laboratory where you don't have to be a clinical laboratory scientist to get a foot in the door and begin with the early phases of our processing within a laboratory environment. We're looking for people in our shipping and receiving area in the supply chain. So even human resources...and my own team," she says.

Condella says due to the pandemic, Exact Sciences now safely conducts only virtual interviews and job fairs. She offers these tips for potential job seekers.

 "First of all, don't let the barriers of the screen change what you want to demonstrate about yourself and why you're passionate about the position that you're applying for," she says. "Making eye contact is still really important, and making sure that you can demonstrate that you are excited about the opportunity. Talk about what it would mean for you to work in the environment that you're looking for. I also think, you know, try not to second guess yourself; tell your story. Share your experiences and have the confidence that no matter whether you're in front of somebody across the table, or you're talking to somebody on the phone, meeting with them face to face through a screen, you can show up as your best self."

Currently, 540 openings exist within the company and at least two-thirds of those are in Madison.

 "I'm hoping that we have a few hundred of those positions filled in the next few months," she says.

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