WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS)— Rogers Behavioral Health expands virtual visits to help those in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mental health is a concern during this time. its important to seek help if you need it. Which is why Rogers Behavioral Health is switching to a virtual way to connect with patients; to get them the help the need during these trying times.

It’s important for everyone to take care of themselves during this coronavirus outbreak, that includes mental health.

“We are seeing everybody struggling with this. This is a really big deal. People are losing their jobs. People are having trouble getting their basic needs met, having trouble feeding their families. This is leading to lots of stress, lots of depression and anxiety symptoms,” Rogers Behavioral Health Chief Medical Officer, Jerry Halverson said.

Halverson says they are seeing different types of symptoms over the coronavirus, and it’s important to connect with those in need.

“Through the connect care we have gotten a lot of people the treatment that they need in the safety of their own home and i think they appreciate that,”  Halverson said.

Rogers Behavioral Health has expanded their connect care which allows doctors and medical staff to connect with patients virtually and help talk through their issues to help find solutions.

“Being able to go to connect care has been a tremendous asset to us. We have been able to take care of 900 nearly 1,000 patients a day with this level of care,” Halverson said.


They are able to deliver the same quality of care as an in person visit, but this one is from your own home.

If you or someone you know is in need of care, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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