MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS)- A GoFundMe page for those in Milwaukee’s service and entertainment industries has been gaining donations.  DJ Dex, also known as Declan O’Connell,  started the fundraiser about one month ago.

“Seeing everything on social media, everyone who was worried, especially service industry wise, about the future and knowing they didn’t have anything saved up,” Declan said.

Like most in that industry, he’s also out of work due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I knew I’d be able to make it through April and May and be able to be good on bills,” says Declan.  “If it goes further than that, I will definitely need some help too.”

The GoFundMe, called Milwaukee’s Industry Tip Jar, has raised $2,850.  Declan reached out to area bar, restaurant, and night club owners to see who was most in need.  Bartenders Terrence Tucker and Nik Abendroth were among the first 10 people to receive donations.

“It was a blessing because none of us expected it,” Terrence said.  “Anything was a help.”

“That money kept me fed for a month,” says Nik.

The donations came out to $246 a piece.  It helped, but they say a lot more is needed.  Especially since Wisconsin’s ‘Safer at Home’ order has been extended to May 26.

“I 100% know it’s necessary for sure,” says Terrence.  “Obviously, we’re hoping and praying it can be lifted though so we can get back to our normal activities.”

“Don’t let it spread, but at the same time, it’s still devastating for the service industry,” Nik said.

As this health crisis continues with no solid end date, Declan, Nik, and Terence share a smilier message.

“Support small businesses and support small industries,” Nik said. “Just spread the word and basically support each other,” says Terrence.

If you have the means to donate, click here to access Milwaukee’s Industry Tip Jar.​