MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)-- Dr. Shawn Robinson, senior researcher in the Wisconsin Equity & Inclusion Laboratory, just came out with a new children’s comic book aimed at motivating and inspiring kids to keep reading no matter the challenges.  This is his second book in his series 'Dr. Dyslexia Dude.' 

PREVIOUSUW researcher Writes Superhero Comic 'Dr. Dyslexia Dude' for kids who face disabilities

It’s the next chapter in his hero’s African American auto-biographical journey.

"There is not a lot out there for children with dyslexia,  so we wanted to start a platform for them to see themselves as superheroes," Dr. Robinson said.

In total, it took the talented author and his wife, along with an illustrator about a year to publish the second installment.

Catch Dr. Robinson read 'Dr. Dyslexia Dude' during an Instagram Live session 11 a.m. on Friday,  March. 27th.  His handle:  Doctor_Dyslexia_Dude.  

You can learn more about the comic books retailing for $5.95, here.