MADISON, Wis. — As the saying goes: “There's always next year,” but for a lot of Brewers fans, this season felt like the best chance to go all the way to the World Series.

Still, some pretty big milestones were reached, and it's why one avid fan, who's well-known, isn't done adding to his collection of memorabilia.

Did You Know?

  • Gov. Evers has been collecting Brewers bobbleheads for years, some he's received as gifts and others he picked up for himself

  • His favorites include Milwaukee Braves Hank Aaron and Barrelman

  • There are about 30 figures in the governor's collection

When you walk into Gov. Tony Evers' office, you can't help but notice a conversation starter in the far corner.

Gov. Tony Evers organizes his bobblehead collection in his East Wing office in the state Capitol.

“It just shows how the team has evolved over time,” Gov. Evers said. “It just gives you the flavor or flow of baseball.”

Each one of the bobbleheads tells a story, and the governor has his own when it comes to his love of baseball.

As a young boy who grew up in Plymouth, many of the West Coast games the Braves played were well past his bedtime.

“My mother would stay up and listen to the whole game, write down the final score on a small piece of paper, and then put it next to my bed on a little table so that first thing in the morning I would know who won the game and what the score was,” Gov. Evers said.

If you ask which bobblehead is his favorite, the answer is easy: Hank Aaron.

This Milwaukee Braves Hank Aaron bobblehead is among the governor's favorites.

“I can remember back in 1957 when the Braves won the World Series, and I would say that's probably my favorite and, obviously, he's a player that kind of epitomizes what it is to be a professional athlete,” Gov. Evers said.

A closer look at the collection reveals a couple of Hank Aarons among the mix, as well as a Barrelman, which is another one of the governor's favorites. Recently, Evers added a Bob Uecker talking bobblehead to the group, which commemorates Uecker's 51st year as the voice of the team.

Gov. Evers unboxes his new talking Bob Uecker bobblehead.

In many ways, the collection is sort of a fluke that came to be “magically,” as Evers likes to describe it.

Years ago, when the team was new to Milwaukee, someone gifted Evers a bobblehead. Now, about 30 of them live in a cabinet in the corner of his office. Over the decades, the governor picked up some of them on his own, but no matter where they came from, for Evers having the collection has always been about one thing.

There are nearly 30 bobbleheads in the governor's collection.

“It's just a good history, a good remembrance of good times and good games,” Gov. Evers said.

Though history wasn't made this season in the way Brewers fans had hoped, the governor knows there's plenty of good baseball to be played next season.