PEWAUKEE, Wis. — It is a problem few people would have ever thought about before the COVID-19 pandemic began, but it has become a big annoyance. Fluctuating temperatures are making the issue of glasses fogging up while wearing a mask more apparent than ever.

For many, including long time glasses-wearer Terrence Ray, it has been an ongoing source of frustration for the past year.

“It is incredibly annoying. As soon as I walk out of a location I take my mask off so I can see so my glasses can thaw and unfog," says Ray.

At Shopko Optical in Pewaukee, staff at the store say they have had many clients approach them with questions about how to prevent mask-induced fogging. Store Manager Ashley Bowser sees the frustration first hand.

“You are trying to check in a patient, they are trying to have a conversation with me and its a little frustrating for them," says Bowser.

While there may not be a magic bullet to fix the problem, Bower says there are a number of things that help. One is wearing a mask that is tight fitting or adjustable around the nose.

“It depends on the kind of mask you are wearing. The one I am currently wearing they give you the opportunity to kind of pinch at the nose and have the mask rest underneath those glasses,” says Bowser.

Shopko Optical also sells a mask de-fogging kit produced by Zeiss. It includes a solution that can be sprayed onto glasses to prevent fogging, along with a microfiber cloth. Staff at the store say customers have been pleased with the results they have seen. ​