SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) — The Charbonneau family has a passion for music. Both Brian and Rebecca Charbonneau are music teachers in Sheboygan Falls. And while school is out, they found a way to have some fun with their kids. The family has been making daily music videos and sharing them to social media.

“We love doing it we are constantly singing. It started off as an assignment for Abigail for choir class,” Brian Charbonneau said.

It all started as a school project for their daughter but it has now turned into a part of their daily routine. After their school work for the day is done, they spend the rest of their day making music while under safer at home laws across the state. They say its’ a fun way to spend their time at home.


“I’m glad that everybody is really enjoying it and having fun. We they to keep it light because it is a tough time right now so we are looking for that joy and trying to spread that joy,” Rebecca Charbonneau said.

The family takes requests for those with a birthday or even for health care workers who are on the front lines of this outbreak. For them it’s fun, but they also are hoping to make an impact by spreading joy and music to everyone.

“It’s a way for every to have a break in their day to laugh and just enjoy themselves a little bit,” Lillian Charbonneau said.


Her father echoed her thoughts by saying, “Just bringing back some joy of living and life in which we are so accustomed to for so many years and try to bring that humanity to where it needs to be as far as the joy of life and music,”

So from one passionate family to another, now is the time to spread the music and enjoy it.

To check out more of the videos you can check out their Facebook page by clicking HERE.