MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) - The fight against the teen vaping epidemic continues.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says they have eleven cases of teens and young adults hospitalized with severe lung disease linked to vaping.

A Wisconsin based youth program is hoping to fight the epidemic with knowledge. Teens like Nia Kamara and Anthony Blake are a part of FACT and help spread the truth about tobacco products.

“My goal within 15 years is to really bring out the FACT about the tobacco industry and hopefully create a smoke-free generation,” said Blake.

​According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five high schools students and one in 20 middle school students have used electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days. Blake says he saw a lot of e-cig use during the school year.

“Kids still got around it in the bathroom, before school, after school, during football games,” said Blake.

Teens with FACT say their goal is to make sure kids don’t start smoking in the first place.

“Why wait til there are eight teens in the hospital?" said Blake. "This could have been prevented if we just gave out the necessary education to people and the knowledge so they know the cost of vaping and juuling."

Juul has made several changes to address the teen vaping epidemic. They changed their online sales age requirements to 21 and suspended the use of some of their most popular flavors. Teens with FACT say their hoping to implement some policies of their own

“I’m trying to work with my school that if their caught vaping that they attend an after school session where they can learn about and get educated on it,” said Kamara.

Knowledge that can go a long way in helping prevents more teens ending up in the hospital from vaping.

There are currently 16 schools across Wisconsin that implements the FACT program.