Asal Rezaei joined the Spectrum News 1 WI team with almost a decade of reporting experience under her belt.  This Columbia College of Chicago graduate spent 5 years in the Windy City and during that time, not only became an Emmy nominated journalist, she also took frequent trips to Milwaukee where she discovered her love for the city and her dream of one day reporting for the state of Wisconsin. Today, Asal holds a deep connection with the communities across the state and considers her day to day job to be a dream come true.

Asal has a passion for meeting new people and giving a voice to those who don’t always feel they have one. For Asal, great storytelling comes from the understanding that the way she tells others story has a much larger impact than we know and that it often becomes something people cherish forever. A storytelling connoisseur, Asal was chosen to cover the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Chicago where she captured countless interviews with past presidents and scholars on the panel. 

In Asals freetime, she enjoys relaxing by the beach and riding bikes through the city and exploring the ever-growing and changing city of Milwaukee. When it comes to the best kept secret in Wisconsin - that’s something she’s still trying to figure out. If you have one, share it with her through Twitter