MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS)- Wisconsin distilleries across the state are switching gears, amidst a global pandemic.  They’re now using their product to make hand sanitizer, with a recipe provided directly from the CDC.

“We were not sure what the need was going to be and we were very surprised at how few facilities had this in stock,” says Co-Owner Evan Hughes of Central Standard Distillery in Milwaukee.

Central Standard began the process about a month ago.  Employees began with disinfectant spray.  

“We started getting reached out to by some small, local independent assisted living facilities and it accelerated from there,” Hughes says.  “The calls started becoming more frequent and we knew we had high-proof vodka in our warehouse, so turning on a dime and making disinfectant spray available for free was a pretty easy decision.”

One the disinfectant spray ran out, the distillery began making hand sanitizer.  It is currently only available for healthcare workers and first-responders, though Hughes says it will be available to the general public soon.  He says he’s waiting on new, empty bottles to be shipped so they can be filled.

Spectrum News 1 asked him how many bottles have been made since this project unfolded over the last four weeks.

“Oh my gosh, thousands of bottles,” he said.

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States lists 10 distilleries across Wisconsin that are doing this same thing.  For a complete list, click here.  

Follow each distillery on their social media pages and websites for updated information on when this product is available to the public and how you can get it. ​