WISCONSIN — Since being reintroduced in Wisconsin 1995, Wisconsin's elk population now tops 400 statewide.

"We've got elk in two portions of Wisconsin," said Josh Spiegel, a wildlife biologist with the Wiscosin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in Sawyer County. "They're in our historic range in northwest Wisconsin — greater Clam Lake area, south of Lake Superior between Hayward and Park Falls — and we've got a second herd just south and east of the Eau Claire area near Black River Falls in eastern Jackson County."

To continue to keep the herds and the overall population healthy, though, the Wisconsin DNR is rolling out a new elk management plan, and it is asking Wisconsintes to weigh in. 

"We have made some changes in the last couple of years over concerns originally brought up with that plan," Spiegel said. "We want to make sure the public has an opportunity to see this before we bring the plan back to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board for an attempt at approval this summer."

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