WEST BEND, Wis — Washington County-based West Bend Insurance is looking to grow their team at a time when insurance companies have been busy. The company says they expect to hire over 80 new positions in the next year, with around 50 spots available right now.

The highest areas of need are in IT and customer support. Kellie Ryan is a Customer Care Representative who helps to handle claims. In a job where you are helping people who may be experiencing challenging times in their lives, Ryan says kindness and an ability to stay calm is key in her role.

“You have to be empathetic with people especially in claims,” Ryan said. “Nobody is having a good day when they file a claim so you have to get on their level, put yourself in their place.”

Many of the jobs available are located at the company’s main campus in the city of West Bend. However, several other positions are available in other parts of the state. To learn more about the jobs available with the company, you can visit West Bend’s hiring website.