CINCINNATI — Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds is less than a month away. While most fans are ramping up their level of excitement, many Reds fans are upset with the team’s recent moves to reshape the roster.

What You Need To Know

  • Many Reds fans are not happy with the team’s recent moves to shed payroll

  • Two lifelong fans express their frustration ahead of the start of the season

  • Tony and Brett Campbell are foregoing their plans to attend Opening Day

  • The father and son want Owner Bob Castellini to sell the team

Lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan Tony Campbell's basement is a shrine to baseball. 

“We will never see another team like this again, especially not back in this city,” Tony said.  

The days of the Big Red Machine are long gone. So too, he said, are the days of the current Cincinnati Reds being competitive, so he doesn’t see a reason to attend on Opening Day. 

“I was, yes. I’m not now,” Tony said. “I already got rid of my tickets.” 

Tony Campbell discusses the Reds' offseason moves from his baseball-themed basement in Cincinnati. (Tino Bovenzi/Spectrum News 1)

He and his son, Brett, typically look forward to what’s in store at Great American Ball Park, but not this year.

“Really disappointed is the right answer,” Brett said. “I see some of the things that they’re trying to do, but it’s not going to make me want to support the team financially this year.” 

Reds’ management slashed the team’s payroll, sending away pitcher Sonny Gray, All-Star outfielder Jesse Winker, fan-favorite Eugenio Suarez, as well as several other key core players. 

The Reds' moves this offseason have Brett turning red in the face, so he’ll stay away from attending games. 

“I’ll root for the team this year, but I am not gonna go down to the stadium and support them financially,” Brett said. “If they’re not going to put money into the team, why should I put money into the team?”

Tony and Brett both said they understand some moves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. 

Both are optimistic about the future of the team, but think ownership needs to change before that can happen. 

“I think Bob (Castellini) should just move on at this point,” Brett said. “It hasn’t worked out for quite a long time.” 

“If he’s got a chance to sell, I think get your money and go,” Tony said. 

While the Reds won't call it a rebuild, they said finances are an ongoing issue because of the pandemic. Officials said they made the moves to create the best long-term organization possible. The Reds start the season with a series against the Atlanta Braves starting on April 7.

The Reds' home opener is April 12 against the Cleveland Guardians.